FP2 begins to make Problems - what should I do?

Because my Fairphone 2 also become very slow and quickly uncharging I have dismantle my Fairphone 2 one week ago.
I found that 2 pins in the microphone module didn’t make enough contact.
So I used a spacer and very very gently pulled the pins a tiny bit higher. So that there was more contact with the back of the display.
I brushed the back of the display with a small copper brush.
Finally I cleaned all the contacts, pins with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol Ketonatus 96% or isopropyl alcohol.
And finally I did a kickstart (the second method) of the battery to reset the software of the battery.

I haven’t had 1 reboot over a week, which before happened at least one a day. Also the performance is much better and the battery lasts longer.

Da mein Fairphone 2 auch sehr langsam wird und sich schnell entlädt, habe ich mein Fairphone 2 vor einer Woche zerlegt.
Ich habe festgestellt, dass 2 Pins im Mikrofonmodul nicht genug Kontakt hatten.
Also habe ich einen Abstandshalter (antistatischer Spatel) benutzt und die Stifte ganz vorsichtig ein bisschen höher gezogen. So hatte ich mehr Kontakt mit der Rückseite des Displays.
Ich bürstete die Rückseite des Displays mit einer kleinen Kupferbürste.
Schließlich reinigte ich alle Kontakte und Stifte mit einem in Alkohol Ketonatus 96% or isopropyl alcohol getauchten Wattestäbchen.
Und zum Schluss habe ich einen Kickstart - leider auf Englisch (die zweite Methode) der Batterie durchgeführt, um die Software der Batterie zurückzusetzen.

Ich habe nicht 1 Neustart über eine Woche, die vor passiert mindestens ein pro Tag. Auch die Leistung ist viel besser und die Batterie hält länger.

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I don’t know how often you swap them but it is thought to mix up the measurements of the battery. So after the kickstart suggested by Lidwien, you better stick to one battery for a longer period, I’d say.

A restart can also be forced by pressing the powerbutton for 10 seconds or so.
And in case reboots occur after the freezing of the screen: briefly push the power button when an app freezes, turning the screen off, then on again after a few seconds – may prevent a reboot.

Just small tips.
Perhaps you should try a factory reset (which I myself keep postponing but you seem to have a proper back-up method), or even installation from scratch.

Anyway, I hope you manage to keep those FP2s running!

[Mine just rebooted – miraculously, the message draft was still there]


Drafts are saved regularly by Discourse on the server side. So they’re preserved even if the client fails. :slight_smile:


I’ve read this a few times now already. In the rare cases when my phone freezes, pushing the power button doesn’t do anything. It just keeps freezing and then comes to the inevitable restart. Seems like there are different kinds of freezes.

Maybe you are too late😉 for me it also worked very well, however only when I reacted quite fast when noticing it will start freezing…

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Hello everybody. Thanks for all your hints and advices. Today i performed a complete disassembly of the device including this metal sheet and the antenna and cleaned everything with isopropyl alcohol and blow some contactspray in sim and sdcard slots. Now everything looks fine and work well. Maybe I can also try the battery kickstart today over night. I’ll report my future experiences with further issues. Best regards!

Ok - from 66 % to 0 % in about half an hour. Tried to update all my openstreet maps, that are about 7 GB. I didn’t make it. So it’s time for the “kick”.

So far, this is the first day without any interruptions.


I bought a new battery for the phone and it works pretty well so far again. Thank you for your support!


So today I read, that my FP2 I recently dissembled, cleaned and reassembled and bought a new battery is from the 1st of March Cue the music a f***ing paperweight!?

No, it is just time to install a new OS on your FP2. Have a look here: Operating Systems for FP2
My FP2 works fine with LineageOS.


Are you sure? Perhaps try again … An Update on Fairphone 2 - Fairphone
(Hint: There’s a section “Keep using the device”.)

A lot of Fairphone 2 users are running LineageOS or /e/OS or other OSes for a while already, so there’s a healthy user base having experience with this.


I use e/os/, much better than fairphone os. So it is the opportunity for you to improve even more your FP2 than what ypu thought first when repairing it :wink:

And remember : FP2 = patience to learn autonomy. Freedom is a fight !


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As much as I support this idea I currently have the impression that more and more things of my daily life want me to have a “standard” phone with Google services and all that stuff, may it be for banking or for using all the shiny MS services that my employer requires. I know that for some of these apps there are good alternatives or they work in the alternative OSes, however some of them refuse to do so, I had to learn. Love it, change it or leave it, difficult decision…

Before buying new brand phones consider trying FP3 or 4, that’s definitely good stuff.

But as for my knowledge and experience FP2 is well working with e/os/ (but energy autonomy, that’s the weak point).

And by the way, you can very easily install e/os/ on FP3 and 4, even buy them with e/os/ already installed.

I really love this :smiley:.


“Switch your Fairphone 2 to flight mode to make sure it’s safe from security concerns that come with being online, then continue enjoying the remaining services the device can safely offer – like the camera, music player, offline games and photo gallery.”

That’s my favourite. I extended the life of my Samsung S4 mini using LineageOS these days, I remember. I also remember Cyanogen or how it was called. It was fun these days. No phone ever worked as designed and I was dependent on these guys maintaining this software. I thought it would be better to have Fairphone directly responsible for the operating system. It was the ultimate selling point for me. FairphoneOS open - a dream came true.

This is really great. And I fought this for years and years, right now typing on an old Thinkpad T420 running a shady Linux distri… and now I’m 33 years old, I have a family, a job, I build a house right now and… now I really think of buying an iPhone. Seriously I think of throwing money on people and companies to keep this struggles away from me, because I cannot bear it any longer although I can through experience an knowledge. March 23. There is still time to think about it…

T420, so nice ! I had one too, now a Dell Latitude, bith Linux and Wondows, great too. If I had a choice for brand new computer it would be a Framework now :upside_down_face:

Beware of iPhone, I had one, it’s like Playschool toy for adult, so deceiving and boring. And fragile and expensive. And locked and you have to pay and pay, and so many ads ! But maybe you have to try to make your own opinion of course :wink:

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