FP2: Battery not charging and light indicator plus charging screen (the one with the battery filling up) keeps showing even after removing usb cable

Since yesterday my FP2 can’t be charged.

When I plug the USB cable (with the device switched on) the battery icon remains the same as if not charging. The light doesn’t indicate that the device is in charging mode either.
When the device is off, after I plug in the USB cable, the charging screen appears (the one with the blue battery filling up), the light indication shows that the device is charging, but the capacity level of the battery stays the same even after hours.

I swap my battery with my partner’s FP2 battery but the problem remains. My battery works fine in my partner’s FP2.
I even tried different USB cables to no avail.
I haven’t installed any new apps recently.
The device is loaded with the most recent upgrade.
I can’t be sure if it is a software of hardware malfunction.

There is also an other strange issue:

When I try to charge the battery with the device switched off, after I disconnect the USB cable (without switching on the device) the light stays on and if I press the on/off button the charging screen (the one with the blue battery filling up) appears, as if the device is still connected to a power source!
I have to open the device and remove the battery for all the indications to be turned off.

Anyone else experiencing something similar?
Any suggestions or possible solutions?

You may exchange the bottom module with your partner’s FP2 to see if this module is causing the problem.


I just did. That was the problem. I am ordering a new bottom module.
It was a very strange behaviour though.


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