FP2: Battery issue after update to 21.01

A couple of days ago I updated my phone through the FP updater. The process went fast and smooth.
The problem is that now my battery drains terribly fast, e.g. yesterday I had to literally run for plugging it to the charger, as the charge percentage was decreasing faster than the seconds in a timer.
The battery drains even during the night-time, when I always turn the flight mode on.

All this was not happening before the last update, even if I must point that before, when using apps such YouTube and when going under 50%, the battery (that maybe is a bit old, never changed in 3 years) did lose his charge very fast - but still not as fast as it does now.

Do you have any advice? Should I just change the battery (I have a new one at home) and see what happens, or should I go back to the previous version? In the last case, how? I didn’t do the backup before updating…

Thanks for your time! :grinning:

As other users don’t complain about battery drain: Battery life on FP2 with Android 9
I would suggest to test the other battery. After three years a battery may be at it’s end of life and often show such a behavior from one day to the other.


Did you reboot the phone already to see whether that does the trick?

Yes, I did. It’s always the first thing I do, but this time didn’t work.

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I would wait a few more days before coming to a conclusion. After an upgrade it is normal to observe a battery drain in the few following days. In the topic linked above, it became normal again after three days.
In any case, do change the battery, I second this advice. If even before it went down very quickly under 50%, that means the battery may only have 50-60% of its original capacity left.

It happened to me that I installed a new app and my battery was disappearing much faster. Although I didn’t see the connection immediately, I tried uninstalling the app -and voilá, my battery was healthy again! Have you installed anything new recently? Also… it may sound weird, but I keep a little paper covering my front cam when I am not using it and I’ve noticed that the phone is slower (noticeably a measurably!) when it is not covered: if you have given some extra permissions to some old apps to use your camera or your microphone, they may be doing it without your knowledge - and using battery for that, of course. If that’s the case (an issue with too many permissions), maybe you can check which apps use more battery (I think you tap the battery icon for that).
I hope this helps.

Does sound strange. I would echo Otolio above - maybe an old app is doing something funny under the new Android and going into some sort of loop. I’d check for any possible apps and uninstall them, try the other battery, and see if any of that helps before heading for a downgrade.

You might try to run the phone one night (i.e. when you don’t use it) in #dic:safemode
If the problem does not happen at all during that night then it would even indicate more to an app causing it.

If you’re adventurous then make a backup, do a #dic:factorydatareset and reinstallation of your apps and have a look at battery drain then.


Thanks for all the replies!

I don’t think that’s the case Otolio suggested, because I checked the battery usage at first too, but everything looked ok. In fact, I was surprised that the battery was dead, while it seemed that no app caused it. Also, I daily use an app that should help keeping the battery healthy and close the apps running in background - don’t know how effectively.

By the way, next night I’ll try to run the phone in safe mode to see if the problem comes from some app.
In any case, I’m gonna put aside my thrift and change the battery.

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Don’t know if you are using SD Cards. Once I had a defect SD Card which used up all my battery. By removing the Card all was good again.


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