FP2 battery drain on /e/ OS vs Lineage OS?

I am currently running Lineage OS 17.1 and am experiencing the battery drain issues others have posted about (higher battery use percentages for screen and wifi, despite little use)

Has anyone moved to /e/ OS as a result and found the problem ceased? Thanks


I’m using /e/ since about 12 days and didn’t observe any battery drain so far… I didn’t see any changes compare to FairPhone Open OS.

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LineageOS 17.1 is Android 10.
/e/ for the Fairphone 2 is still Android 9 currently.

So comparing the two is a purely practical thing, it doesn’t help with judging the LineageOS issue technically whether /e/ currently has battery drain or not (for me it hasn’t, for what it’s worth).
Once /e/ gets to Android 10 on the Fairphone 2, the comparison should be more interesting.

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Who has posted about these issues? Could you quote a source? I have 3 FP2s running under LOS17.1 in my family and none has a particular battery draining issue. Average discharging speed when screen is off is 0.8%/h for mine (which I consider to be very good) according to AccuBattery. I can even tell I have a better battery life on LOS than on FPOOS.
How do you know your battery draining issues originate from LOS and not from your device?

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I’m on LOS. I had big “battery drain” after 3 years of FP2. Battery level going down normally to 40% then accelerating and after around 2 min shutting down because battery reached 0%. I replaced my battery and this issue dissappeared. I now have a quite good battery usage on LOS 17.1 and I’m happy with my FP2 autonomy :slight_smile:


I was referring to threads like here. But, sorry, yes, the battery drain is not necessarily specific to LOS, as they occurred on FPOOS too (it’s just become more unpredictable on LOS). I will try replacing the battery as I have had the phone for almost four years. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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I also run LOS 17.1 and I have very random appearing battery drains now and then. And I dont know what is causing it. When my fp2 was still at Fairphone os I had them to, it got a whole lot better with LOS but they still occurs some times…

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