FP2 Battery can't charge on laptop anymore

My FP2 cannot make it through the day with one battery charge, so I sometimes charge it on my laptop, handy while I travel. As of a week or two ago, I cannot charge anymore on my laptop or any Power banks, the charging icon also doesn’t appear. I installed the app AccuBattery to get more info. When I plug the phone on my laptop AccuBattery says the charge current fluctuates between -270 mA and -350 mA, about the same as not charging. When I plug it in a socket, it fluctuates between 800 mA and 900 mA and it charges as usual. AccuBattery states my battery only has an estimated capacity of 1.634 mAh anymore (68% from normal).
Does my battery need replacing?
Kind regards,
Ad Vlems

I moved your post to #fairphone2help as it’s not a general discussion, but your specific question.

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