FP2 Battery back to "full capacity" - percentage error?

My FP2-battery is lasting up to two days of intense (Chatting, Camera live View over WiFi and bike-navigation) usage.
Normally it would tell me to charge (I usually start charging between 10-20%) at the end of the day but since last week it feels like the capacity has doubled.

I’d blame it on a work day which I had left the charger at home and the phone went down as usual. When the battery dropped to 4% it wouldn’t go any lower for more than 2 hours until I got home to charge it (I didn’t turn on energy saving but continued to use it for chatting and even some needed flashlight).
Next morning my FP2 would show me up to 4 days remain.

So maybe something is wrong with the percentage shown by the phone and it can be resolved by draining the battery lower than usual. Can somebody confirm or deny this?

There is a battery reset described in the #batteryguide which should get rid of the percentage error.

Thank you. So it looks like I accidentally “kickstarted” my battery then.
All the better… :slight_smile:

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