FP2 Battery and routing for several hours


I like the idea of FP very much. Now I’m thinking about to buy one. But some critics about the battery raise doubts.

I want to use the phone for routing with bike rides, hiking and sometimes travelling by car. My bike rides take between 3-8 hours. I’m using osmand on moto G (first Gen) which is just fitting to that demands for 6 hours. (I need to replace the phone, because the microphone is dead, and after two tries of fixing it by myself I give it up – I would really appreciate the modular concept of FP2.) Anyway, I would like to ride 8 hours, without interruption by the phone, which runs out of battery. And I’m riding racing bike. So I don’t want to add extra dynamos and other stuff to the bike to fix weak battery on the phone.

Routing on bike for several hours costs a lot of energy, because I need the display to be turned on, to see the turning advices (I don’t like voice orders on bike). And of course GPS is eating the battery as well. Is the FP able to deal with that? How long is the battery alive? In other words: Do some FP-2 useres have positive experience using the phone for long time routing?

Thx for any replays. Negative experiences are welcome as well!

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