Fp2 batteries (plural 2+) and modules

hi, looking for battreies (2+) and charger / camera modules (updated camera )

ship to new zealand, ocean freight is fine.

thanks, msg or pm.

Just a little note: remember you can not send more than two batteries at a time through most postal services, so you won’t get more than two batteries in any case.
Then, what do you mean by “charger”? Which charger do you want? Or are you talking about a bottom module?

Dutch postal services do not permit the shipping of lithium cells, period - I think UPS can be contacted about special contracts to ship properly packaged lithium cells, or you can ship it inside a mobile phone.

I’m not sure about other countries, but I just looked this up and apparently regulations are about to change again and UPS is in the process of updating its info sheet.

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two batteries would be fine.

a bottom module, yes, for interfacing with usb cable.

I’ll contact with ups if the shipper is from Nederlands.


Unfortunately Lithium batteries on their own are generally considered hazardous goods and there will be problems with every postal company.

Many resellers even don’t ship internationally.

If you should not be successful in the forum, you could try e.g. this one (sorry German only), that has offered generic batteries for the FP1 as well. According to the homepage, they at least let you choose New Zealand (Neuseeland) as country for delivery.:

The batteries are 19.90 Euro. Tax and customs is on top of course.


"Bei der Versandkostenberechnung kam es zu einem Fehler. Bitte benachrichtigen Sie den Betreiber. "

an error in shipping?

will contact, howevfer second hand batteries would work as well.

Translation would be an error in calculating the shipping costs; please contact the operator (I guess the shop owner/operator).
So maybe they do not really ship overseas.
But you will know, once they answered your request.
If you got troubles with translation, deepl might help or you can post it in the forum (there are lots of Germans here :wink: ) or pm me.

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thanks. will communicate with store.

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