FP2 backup solution without Google Store

How can I backup / restore at least the most critical data on my phone, without having Google Play or Google Services?
-) Calendar
-) Messages
-) Contacts
anything else (including app data and settings) would be a bonus.

The same questions was asked more than a year before here: How to backup&restore with FP2

However, no real solution was offered:
-) Most backup tools require root access
-) The “many backup apps on F-droid” mentioned in an answer turn out to be not so many, since most apps that turn up when searching “backup” are not backup / restore tools at all. The remaining ones are either very limited in scope, or require root access.
-) It was suggested to “wait for an official way to root the phone”.

Are there any news? Does any working backup/restore solution exist that does not fully depend on Google Services?

You can find a list of tools that don’t need root here:

PS: The thread you mentioned is very old and the info about waiting for an official way to root the OS is outdated. If you want root out of the box you’ll have to go #livingwogoogle with #software:fp-open. If you want root on FP OS with GAPPS you’ll need to root your FP2 yourself:


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