FP2 Backcover/Slim Case Black

Hey guys,
I’m looking for a black Backcover for my FP2. It doesn’t matter if transparent or not. If needed, I can offer a white or indigo version in return.

Two kinds of black FP2 case exist:

  1. black fat cases, which are solid non-translucent black but not as thin or easy to replace as the slimcases.
  2. translucent black slimcases, which were pulled and recalled because they didn’t survive long due to an issue with the plastic used in their construction.

I’ve got two black translucent slimcases, both alas broken. I also, however, have one new, unused black fat case; you can have that, if you want it.

If you want to trade one of your cases for it, I’ll happily take it as there’s plenty of people here who can do with a new (or at least not-cracked) case.

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