FP2 audio to hifi

hi, all…
i try to plug my FP2 to my hi-fi with a 4 pin mini-jack witch got three ouput in RCA…
it’s a video (three RCA (red,white,yellow))

it seems to work, the FP2 tells me that “audio” is on head phone…

but the best i can have after have plug the RCA on my hifi, is kind of “clac-clac-clac” with no real musical interest :confused:

what do i ommit to make my FP2 a nice little mp3 reader

thanks a lot

So the jack looks like this, right?

I do not think this will work. You will need a different cable and a jack with one ring less…

thanks for the link to thomann… but do is it really better than
well exactly i’ve used this
rca audio-video

i tried all way to plug-it… but nothing

Yes you could convert the four section to a three

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If you want to keep the socket in good condition, please do not use adaptors/converters…

Why do you think an adapter is going to damage the socket?

Adaptors are coated in hard covers. When applied with pressure, they are as inflexible as plugs. An adaptor and a plug of a cable plugged into the adaptor, together they are lengthening the distance bridged with hard cover from the cable to the jack. I am sure you have heard of Newton’s laws of motion:

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I’ve no idea what you are talking about re covers, plastic rubber each to their own but proselytising by using Newtons law and being sarcastic, what are you up to?

Do you really want to go off topic in this topic too.

I will express my thoughts nicely to you:

  1. Read my explanation.
  2. Try to interpret it.
  3. Reply in a non-provocative manner.

I will certainly not catch that “invitation”…

Your explanation made no sense so I was asking you to explain this issue you see as a possible problem with using an adapter, your other comments are those that I find off topic and hence provoking a discussion on laws of physics and my education.

Reaction :slight_smile: you call it you get it.

This …

… is what is your own personal problem, not mine! I think I have made myself very clear, just reread my explanation.

But if you like, here is another attempt: The adaptor as well as the plug are hard-covered. By using an adaptor, the distance from the jacket - the phone - to the flexible cable gets longer. The longer the inflexible distance, the more impact a possible bump will have on the jack.

The adaptor is (almost) inflexible at all, the ribs (if any exist) are mainly design, have a look here:

Got it now?

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  • In reverse order, again you seem to be trying to make an emotional point, by being rude, whereas I only asked what you are referring too.

Maybe there is a particular adapter you are thinking of or have used, which is not my case or experience. So when you advised the OP not to use an adapter it was a general statement, which doesn’t seem a problem when I have used such.

It would depend upon the type of adapter, and according to you the length, rigidity etc. It would also depend upon how it is being used, so I was and still am wondering why you advised against the use of an adapter.

I did not provoke or expect a sarcastic lesson in physics but some real clarification of any experience you may have had to support your concerns.

UPDATE: What a horrible looking adapter. I can see if you used one like that carelessly then you may evoke the issue you are concerned about, so it’s not that I’m saying damage would happen, I was just curious about your advice. Thanks for the picture ~ it speaks a thousand words.

The ones I’ve used for a decade or more are solid metal and I’ve never had to worry about it’s use.

No picture :slight_smile:

It is not recommended to use such adaptors with mobile devices - or why do you think are jacks of electric guitars worn out so fast, even without adaptors?

Of course you are invited to share your experiences with a certain adaptor that does not damage the jack when bumped against, especially when used with a mobile device, but please post a picture, too…

Adapters don’t cause damage any more than guns kill people, people cause damage and of course not using an adapter may be a good idea for some people.

A picture would not show any possible damage only what I have used for decades. Bumping connectors is always a risk, hence the magnetic cables that Apple made famous and my support of Syllucid. I would not have expected to have to warn people about the laws of physics.

It was you who asked, and then it escalated because I tried to explain it with physics’ laws as “my lawyer in defense”…

As you clearly enjoy this off topic conversation I shall expand.

I understand you felt the need to defend rather than explain, but I was not attacking you just querying your advice which seemed very general considering I’ve never had a problem.

No, I do not enjoy our conversations at all, not a single bit of them. You are crushing almost every thread whenever you want to put your opinion on top of others which are against yours. It is OK to have a different view on things, but declaring a different opinion than yours as “off-topic” is a committed foul, and that has no place here…

I posted a link to a flexible connector which you responded to with advice not to use it. I questioned you and you went on a sarcastic issue about my education/ lack of intelligence ~ I consider that off topic.

I didn’t have an opinion for or against any other just a query.

The option I was showing was a way of connecting the device to a hifi unit and I didn’t imagine you would see that as a problem regarding damaging the device, and I still don’t.

But you seem sure the adapter I linked to is going to damage the device by careless use of the device. I didn’t think of that as I imagine the OP would effect sufficient care.

Anyway good night for now. Tomorrow brings another opportunity to discourse.

Please send a private message if you want to continue arguing, I feel for the moderators who may clean up the mess…

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I hope the short flexible connector linked to above, by not being so rigid, may assuage your view that ‘adapters’ are too rigid for you to support the possible use by the OP

It’s ‘good’ to clarify publicly voiced issues. Your invite to argue is fine, but it won’t be private and I would rather use the notion of discourse where there is something to discuss relevant to the issue at hand.