FP2 android 9 update crashed - trying manual install via SD card

Dear all,
during the automatic update to Android 9, the phone crashed (I guess) and brought me to a screen with the “error” opened android robot.
Of course, now the phone shows only the Fairphone logo + powered by android and does not load further.
When entering in the bootloader (power + vol. up), it say I have android 7…
Wide data / factory reset did not help, wipe cache partition neither.
I want to install manually android 9, but I have only a windows PC at hand, on which I have no admin rights. So I can’t install the android driver.
Is there a way to install android 9 with the SD card? If yes, where can I find the package, since Fairphone seems to offer only the zip for manual installation via script.
Thanks in advance.

Did you try whether installing the driver is really necessary?

Else … you could try to boot a Linux Live DVD or USB stick on the computer (if this isn’t blocked for you, too) and try to go the Linux route to install the OS manually.


Thanks AnotherElk,
it was indeed a solution that I did not have at hand (a USB live disc).
I managed to find a windows PC with admin rights, and the script worked perfectly (thx Fairphone!).
I hope your answer will be usefull for future users.


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