FP2 and extra FP 2 screen (Belgium)

I ordered a Fairphone 3 yesterday so I will sell my Fairphone 2. It has been used just over 3 years (I had a replacement in summer 2016).The condition is goed, with a few marks here and there. Color is red (“coral”). Screen had a few bright spots, which you can only see when the screen has the same color. The battery is replaced less then one year ago.
No charger or cable.
Available when the FP3 arrives.
Price is 160 euro.

Apart from that, I also have a brand new, unused FP 2 screen. If you buy phone and screen it is 50 euro. If separate it is 60 euro.

Shipping is not included in the price. Pickup is possible (Gent, Belgium).

Oh, and i have the newest camera module, forgot to mention it.

Hi Graijs,
When is your new FP3 expected to arrive?

Hi Clara,
No information yet… I ordered a few hours after release, so it should be soon, I suppose…

Estimated delivery date on August 27th was mid September.
Therefore I would expect 3 more weeks until it arrives.

So, as with everybody I guess: delivery is delayed by one month. Yes, you read that correct.
So FP2 will be available around mid to end of October…

Hi Garijs,
If Kerstin from Austria is not writing back to sell her Phone, I would take yours in October.

I am interested in this phone too.
Keep us all posted! :slight_smile:

I get one in London, so I think OrCe is on first Position now :slight_smile:

Hi I am interested by the screen only. Is it still available?

It shouldn’t be (screen that is) provided no problems with my bank transfer going through. OP apologised to me for being very busy work wise at the moment and slow to respond to messages.

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