FP1U shuts down randomly when "asleep"

Hi all, since a few months my FP1U is shutting down without apparent reason while in sleep mode. There is no pattern, at least I don’t see one. It just happens - several times a day, so I have to restart it. Which is, of course, hugely annonying because sometimes it’s turned itself of without me knowing about it for quite some time, and I am missing messages and calls. Is there a cure? Do I have to wipe the OS or something and install everrything from scratch? Can’t think of anything else. Or is it possible that this thing is due to some hardware problem?
Thanks for some advice!

You could check, if the problem is caused by some app, by going to Safe Mode and use your phone for some time.To do so, long press the power button and then long press “Shut down”. A popup will tell you more about Safe Mode.

PS: I believe that Google Apps also get loaded in Safe Mode, so if they are the cause for the shut downs, the phone will also crash in Safe Mode. Then only a hard reset will tell you if it’s a hardware or a software issue.

Thank you, Stefan! I’ll try that and see…

Oh and an old SIM card can also be the cause of shut downs.

Thanks again. Until now, Safe Mode is working. But I need to wait a bit to be really sure, and then it’s google apps hunting time…:wink:

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