FP1U not booting (screen only blinking)

Hello everyone,

since yesterday evening my FP1U won’t boot anymore. It switched off because of a depleted battery - but not completely: Instead it kept showing a blue screen that just went on and off. This is the only thing that happens, whether I connected it to the charger for several hours or removed the battery for a while, removed the SIM cards and/or the microSD, all I get is a blinking screen (about 1 second on, then 1sec off - repeated).
I have no idea what caused this and what it could mean. It looks as if it’s trying to boot and failing, constantly.
While it was connected to the charger, I was able to bring up the boot menu screen instead of a blue screen (by pressing the power and volume up buttons), but it just switched off like the blue screen before.

Has anyone ever had this or any clue how to get my phone back?
Hope you guys can help.

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