FP1U Microphone Repair?

Hej people,

Unfortunatly my Phone (FP1U) had an unhealthy rendevouz with molten chocolate in my backpack.

Now i have to scream whenever someone calls me if i want them to understand me.

Is there a way to clean the microphone without damaging it.

And if that does not work.

What parts do i need to repair the Microphone?

Is there a guide for this?

There are tear down guides on iFixit.com and spare parts are in the shop.
The microphone is located at the so-called “daughter board”, where the WiFi antennas are located.
–> Spare part is 5 EUR, replacement guide is available here.

I would say the microphone should be located around the blue circle (its the last picture in the guide):

But how to clean it properly, I cannot help you.
IF you dismanteled everything, and after removing the daughter board from the phone maybe just by using moderate temperatures with a hair dryer could let the chocolate drop out? But could be difficult…

Spare part would only be 5 EUR, so why not give the hair dryer a try?!

Cheers, Robert


Yeah, but try the hair dryer after removing the part from the rest of the phone. We don’t want to damage the screen or the mother board, do we? :wink: