Fp1U goes black during booting

  1. Phone will turn on, show blue logo and the screen goes black with one or two moving whit spots.
  2. Incoming callers are told ‘person not available to take your call’
  3. I have taken battery out, cleaned it and returned it. This has no effect.
  4. The battery is fully charged and I have tried to open it both off and on mains.

Please advise. I want to avoid a full factory reset.

Removing the sim card for testing? Just a blind guess.

Can you log-in/connect using adb/fastboot? Can you reboot the device into bootloader?

What have you done “before?”

Thanks for your email. You ask what I have done:

  1. Re sim, I have put this in a FP2, and the phone recognises my number so I think the sim is ok.
  2. I’ve taken out battery, cleaned it and the connections and returned it. This often works but not this time.
  3. The battery is at full charge.
  4. I connected phone to my computer but it does not register as connected.

So I’m at a loss as to what to do.

You ask: Can you log-in/connect using adb/fastboot? Can you reboot the device into bootloader?

I wouldn’t know where to start with fastboot or bootloader.

I am most concerned about losing things if I do a factory reset so want to avoid this.

Thanks for your help - further advice welcome.

My main question regarding the sim was more like: Does it “boot” without a sim? A smartphone does not need a sim to start, it should work without one.

What happend before the phone stopped working? Anything unusual? A drop, an update, a new SD or sim card?

Just connecting to the phone with fastboot cannot harm it.

Do you know how you can access the factory testing tools for the FP1? It’s a bit complicated, but maybe it can help you tracking down the problem. Just a sec … I search for a link – Testing Mode.

Read carefully, the button layout is strange and you don’t want to start anything accidentally.

If you can get there, you know:

a) You phone is not completely dead.
b) Start a few more checks to see if the storage is still okay (don’t delete it!)
c) Reboot into recovery and check if the phone can still do that as well.

That all that comes to mind. Sometimes it can also be a misunderstanding (you/me) or a hardware button (on/off) that is not working well. I hope someone else will have ideas as well.