FP1U does not start


does anyone know a way to get my FP1U working again? It does not start at all (no LED, screen is & remains black), even though I have not dropped or otherwise mistreated it, Battery was not empty before the phone stopped working.

When I attach a charging cable (with or without battery), there’s no LED or screen reaction.

Here’s what I already tried without success:

  • used another FP1U battery (which works fine with other FP1U)
  • attached charger & cable with & without battery in FP (both work fine with other FP1U)
  • removed battery for several hrs

Does anybody have any idea what I could try next?

Thank you very much for your help…

Take the battery out and press the power button for at least 10 seconds. Waste energy stored in the capacitors could prevent your FP from starting up.

Hi Stefan,

thank you for gthe quick reply!

Unfortunately this does not work either, the phone’s still dead and does not react to start button or charger cable.

I would suggest that you send it for repair :frowning:

Just contacted support to do so (ticket #130429)…

Any experiences how long it might take until I get the (hopefully) repaired phone back?

Experiences vary… The procedure took around 20 days in my case.

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