FP1U Battery charging: very slow / not working at all

My fairphone is connected to the charger (small LED light on the right side at top glows), but the battery either charges very slowly or doesn’t charge at all.

The advice for troubleshooting given by Fairphone support is:

Please make sure to do the troubleshooting steps. If the phone does not bootloop during the test, the bottom module has to be replaced.

This charging issue can have a few different causes and to find the exact cause I would like to ask you to test a few different things (even when you might have tried already).

First I would like to ask you to test a different charger and USB cable. We have noticed that very often charging problems come from a defective cable or defective charger, or chargers that are not strong enough.

If the charging doesn’t work with a different charger and USB cable please try to connect your phone with a USB cable to the computer. When it is set to charging it should automatically start to charge. If this is the case the chargers and/or cables you tested are not good and need to be replaced.
You do not have to reply to this mail and go any further with other steps. You can get a charger at a local store or you can order one in our webshop

If it still doesn’t charge I would like to ask you to connect the phone to
the charger without the battery in the phone. So please remove the battery and connect it to charger.

It can now happen that your phone enters a boot loop. Each cycle of the loop will follow this pattern:

  • the Fairphone logo appears on the screen;
  • the display turns off and the LED on the top left corner shortly blinks red;
  • the phone vibrates;

When this happens your battery needs to be replaced.

If the phone does not react to the charger being plugged in (the display
stays black, the LED doesn’t light up and the phone does not vibrate),
the USB connector in the bottom module is defective and we need to
replace this.

Now we can move on with the next steps:

With your help, we diagnosed and identified which module of your Fairphone 2 is defective: the bottom module. We will be able to solve the problem you are experiencing by replacing this module.

How it works:

Step 1: you make sure we have your correct shipping information.
Step 2: we send you a replacement module and information about the swapping process.
Step 3: you repair your Fairphone 2 and recycle the defective module.

Start with step 1:
Please make sure to go to your account in our webshop to check that it contains the address in Europe you want the module shipped to. If you don’t have an account in our webshop yet, please create one.

Reply to this e-mail to confirm that you checked your account and address.

After receiving your reply we will send you a new bottom module under
warranty, on our costs, (shipping included) and explain you how to swap
it. There is no need to be worried about performing the repair: our
phone is designed to be repaired without training or special tools. The
only tool you need is a Philips #0 screwdriver.

It seems there was a misunderstanding in your communication with Fairphone Support. You seem to have an FP1 (as you describe the LED on the RIGHT; the LED is on the LEFT on the FP2) while the instructions are meant for an FP2 only.

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There are also some community tips here:

In addition, I had this issue a while ago and cleaning out all the dust from the USB port solved the problem for me. The battery guide suggests a small screwdriver (I used a fine sewing needle instead and pulled out quite a shocking number of layers of compacted dust), but be really careful not to damage anything if you try this.

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