FP1 WIFI out of service, impossible to turn it on

Hi everyone!
The wifi on my FP1 doesn’t work for a bit of time. The WIFI symbol is grey, I can not turning it on.

I tried already some actions I read on topics on the forum but still off, and I got a bit lost…

Can someone help me to fix this problem?

Many thanks.


What have you tried to solve the issue? Have you rebooted your Fairphone?

Yes, I have rebooted the fairphone and installed GCM test, PNF Root and
Push notification, following advice I saw somewhere on the forum. But wifi
still grey. I don’t know if all I did was right or not…

What would you advise me?

I advise you to use a root explorer (like Amaze*) and reset wpa_supplicant. Did it work?

* You have to activate “Root Explorer” in settings before being able to see all directories.


It has finally worked, but I lost some data that were not properly saved:-(

Thanks for the tip

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