FP1(U) Midframe replacement - easy?

My rear camera glass has broken. Less than €12 for a new midframe, which is great, but minimum postage is €9… with the total price, I want to be certain I can do this myself. Any thoughts or previous experiences?

I also considered simply cutting out the broken glass and taking the risk of using the camera without the glass cover (used to do this with old HTC phones, where the cover was plastic and affected picture quality)

Have you checked out the repair guide from ifixit yet?

Yeah, I had a look at that, so I can see what needs to be done… just wanted to check if anyone had any particular experiences :wink:

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I have replaced a FP1 screen, which wasn’t much trouble, so I’d say the midframe is quite easy to replace too. The most important thing is an opening pick (you can use a guitar pick/plectrum).

PS: And of course you’ll need a screwdriver, as suggested in the ifixit guide. :wink:

I replaced my midframe - was fairly straight forward, probably one of the simplest repairs to be honest. You just have to be careful not to break the retaining clips on the rest of the phone. I didn’t have the right tools, but the corner of an old thinner credit card did the job of the plectrum/opening pick.

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Thanks chaps - ordering the part (and a new screwdriver) right now!


… and, successfully repaired? Or any problems!

Thanks for sharing your experiences! :smile:


Very easy! There’s a useful piece of advice on the ifixit page… one of the 5 screws is hidden under a quality control sticker. I would have been a little confused if I hadn’t known that.

Also, when you remove the midframe (prying it off with the guitar pick) you have to be careful with the volume and on/off buttons… they’re not fixed in place.


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