FP1(U) Longevity "Experiment"

Ok the experiment has ended.
I admit I haven’t used my FP1 as my primary phone for a while now, but I did use it for all kinds of things every now and then and it always worked perfectly fine.
Now I donated it to the #austrianfairphoners’ spare parts collection and already it saved two other FP’s lives after we harvested the screen and the battery.

So here is the original bet:

Today marks 2 years, 1 month and 3 days after I pre-ordered my FP2. I got it half a year later.
I have no doubts that my FP1 would have survived another half a year, but instead of proving a point by winning this bet and having a secondary phone I thought donating it was the right thing to do.

I’m closing this thread now, but I just wanted to bump it one last time to illustrate that 2,5 years ago, after FP2 was announced many people thought that was the end of FP1 and betting to keep one running for 2,5 more years seemed bold to them.
So I don’t really get the outrage some people have now, 2,5 years later when Fairphone announced that batteries are out.