FP1(U) Longevity "Experiment"


you are right. Security Fixes are important. Unfortunately I don’t know any way to guarantee them for a phone lifetime (I think about 3 to 5 years should be realistic) on any device. You get the best chance of long term updates by using a Nexus device, but if I see the update trouble a colleague of me has with his nexus device (my favorite was the missing December but more actually he hat trouble with notifications and the GPS at the last weeks), I don’t want to own one (aside from other missing features like an exchangeable battery), goggles quality control is a shame.

But more important than an actual Android Version is securing your System by yourself, because there always will be a zero day exploit around there. So yes, an actual Android Version would be better for security issuers, but much more important is to protect yourself and a old Android Version is not an reason for me to throw a Smartphone away. So I see no problem in using a phone for years if you have a look at the Apps you use (you should use an actual browser even on old systems to prevent dive by downloads) and protect yourself with apps like Firewalls etc.