FP1 & screen protectors on offer

Hi there,

My FP1 has entirely stopped working, but I now have a new one. So if I can make someone happy by sending them this old one please let me know. It is in reasonable condition, although the glass in front of the camera is cracked and the white edge a little chipped here and there. Happy to send pictures. I also still have four plastic Savvies screen protectors if anyone is interested.

Alternatively, if anyone knows where I can recycle it in the Netherlands please get in touch, the links sent to me by Fairphone don’t work or don’t accept Fairphones.

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If whoever buys the phone wants to fix this, you can still buy a new midframe (which comes with the camera glass). Do note that repairs aren’t as straightforward as with the FP2.
As the rest isn’t working, I’m guessing you’ll have more interest from someone who wants the screen and/or battery.

Hello, me and my wife both have FP1 and it would be nice to get some spare parts as we intend to keep these phones as long as possible . It would be very nice from you if you could send it to us in Belgium, just send me the price and your bank account and I would happily pay in advance for the port.


Ingvild & Fred

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