FP1 Screen cracked

I can see a crack on the bottom half of my FP1 screen. I think its on the inside of the screen as I cannot feel the crack with my finger but the bottom half touch doesnt work and I cant even unlock my phone now. Is there a fix or should I buy a working second hand screen. If I have to buy, where can I find one.

For a temporary workaround, get yourself an OTG adapter so you can control the display with a normal computer mouse. Should at least allow you to unlock the phone and backup your data before the screen might go out of order altogether.


I am not sure, but I guess there is no workaround for a broken display and you have to look for a replacement.
I would suggest, you try the #market:offered section and maybe get yourself a broken phone (display intact). This way you have some more spare parts for yourself or to help others with.

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