FP1 replacement battery has higher capacity

I just received my new FP1 battery from the FP shop and was pleased to see that the capacity was increased by ~7.8 %.

Old: 2000 mAh @ 3.7 V = 7.4 Wh
New: 2100 mAh @ 3.8 V = 7.98 Wh

I don’t know when this new battery was introduced and whether it was already in the FP1(U) since I have the First Edition.
Maybe this information is useful to some of you.

Left: Old FP1 first edition battery. Right: new FP1/U replacement battery ordered from FP shop in Feb 2016


That’s new. I have a FP1U with a replacement battery and both only have 2000mAh.

I just checked the batteries for my FP1.
Last september I received a replacement battery for a bloated battery.
And in november I ordered an extra battery, just to have a spare one.
Now I have a 2000 mAh and a 2100 mAh (probably the november battery)

But I dont see any mention of the higher battery capacity in the FP-shop. The picture is the 2000 mAh battery.

The change of the battery supplier as reported in November may be the reason: