FP1 repair attempt: failed

I’m gutted to see the fairphone2 is going to be repairable. It’s a nice feature, but being an owner of a broken fairphone1 its making me feel somewhat despondent. What to do for someone like me?

So I dropped the phone, cracked the screen. I bought a screen replacement and began repair. The front facing camera seems to break instantly on being removed from the case so that went too. The USB port had also come loose. I sent it to a repair shop to solder it back onto the motherboard but it came loose again within 2 months. I completed the repair of the screen but something went wrong and now there’s a big black splurge on the screen, partially inhibiting the view. The repair shop has now suggested I just throw the thing out and buy a new one, exactly the thing I was hoping to avoid by buying a fairphone.

If anyone was to ask me after this whether I would recommend they repaired a device or got a new one I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them not to bother with repair. I’ve sunk £100 into repair and got nothing for it.

It’s a shame that you have such a negative experience with repairing your FP1.
My experience is quite different from yours. My phone fell and the screen got cracked as well. I ordered a replacement screen and repaired it myself in 20 minutes or so. No sweat, no problems.

If you decide to get rid of your FP1, at least get it to some recycling service like FairPhone’ss own recycling programme. You might want to consider getting a FP2 instead :slight_smile:

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