FP1_problems to download_error 1004


I have read a message in spanish (unofficial) Fairphone facebook page from a user with a problem that doesn’t know how to solve it, and does not understand english to ask in this forum…

She explains that she has a FP1.
***The USB connector got damaged and as a consequence she could not charge it (in the beginning)
***Then she bougth a new motherboard, and the mobile charges correctly.
***BUT (here the problem) she can not download anything, not Google Apps nor anything else.
*** The mobiles says “error 1004” and the problem persists…

Could any of you offer a solution I could transmit to her? (she seems to be quite desperated…
Thank you very much!


Hello and welcome,

This is what I have found in the WWW, I hope it helps:


Good luck!

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we had the same problem yesterday:
After installing a new motherboard, FP did start but neither installing of google apps (error 1004) nor an update from Hazel Nut (1.7) to Kola Nut (1.8.7) was possible.
(FP Updater said Kola Nut is up-to-date. Erasing the cache of fairphone Updater did not change the message)

The solution that helped was the manual install of Kola Nut as provided here:

As there was Hazel Nut as Os preinstalled we used “File for FP1U & FP1 with upgraded storage layout (Kola Nut 1.8.7)” on a micro-SD
After the update all was fine and the google apps could be installed.

I hope this can help you


Thank you! I sent this message to the spanish fairphoner and she got very happy, and thanked by your suggestion,

I like this community spirit!
Have a nice day :wink: