FP1 parts and 6 fp1 batteries

6 fp1 batteries and spare parts of 5 fp1 phones first edition available for anyone who still manages to keep the fp1 going.

Location: Amsterdam.

Just let me know if you are interested in any of these parts.


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Please consider donating these to the Amsterdam Fairphone Angels. :slight_smile:

Either wait until they show up here or e-mail amsterdam (at) fairphone (dot) community.

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Okay great. I will wait for 1 week or so to see if anyone else on this forum wants something and the rest I will get to the Amsterdam Fairphone Angels.



In case the Amsterdam angels don’t need so much parts, in August there will be Fairphone users (including some Angels) from abroad in Amsterdam with the #efct19 who might want to have leftover parts.


I am running still FP1 with an battery from 2014. However, the battery life is decreasing. Are these batteries, you are going to give away, new?
How about shipping cost, since I live in Switzerland?

Hi David,

they are used batteries, i got them from various friends as i stayed with the fp1 longer than all others in my friend circle. I got many batteries and complete phones donated over the last 2 years. I would say that all batteries work still well. My usb plug didnt work anymore, already for a long time, so i always charged batteries externally with a universal charger. I have no idea if I can find out which of the batteries I collected works best. They all seemed quite the same lasting 1 day in my fp1 with extensive use.
If you could transfer the money of the shipping to your address to my bankaccount after you received the package that would be fine for me.
If you are interested just send me a p.m. with the amount of batteries you would like to receive and the address.

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Looking for a donor phone just for the touch screen.

I’m locked out of my old FP1 because the screen cracked, so I can’t enter my login for decryption.

i live in Belgium


if you send me your address, I can send a phone with uncracked screen to you tomorrow.



Dat zou geweldig nieuws zijn!


Frankly the OTG adapter/cable is a much simpler solution for you.


Looking for a FP1 motherboard as mine got shorted… Do you have a phone with a ruined motherboard, by any chance?

Hallo Bert,
Vielen Dank für den Hinweis. Ich habe das leider erst später im Forum gesehen. Daher wird, das wohl nichts…

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Hello Joyce,
As Bert noted it is not allowed to ship batteries which are not connected to a phone to countries as Germany and Switzerland, I am out. My old battery also still last for more than one day.
Thank you

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Hello Joyce,

I’m very interested !! I still use my 4 years old FP1, which is in pretty good condition, except… the battery! I would be really glad if I could change it, even with an aleardy used one. Do you still have one? or 2?
Olivia (olivia_pelegrin add hotmail . com)

Hi Joyce, I would be interested in 2 fp1 batteries. I am located in Netherlands, Alphen aan den Rijn. What is your proposed procedure ?

Regards, Caré

Hi Joyce!
I would be very happy to receive a battery. I live in Italy, let me know about shipping costs and procedures.

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