FP1 not working reliably looking for new home

I am selling my old FP1 including bumper and battery. It needs re-calibration, the battery is a bit weak. All parts are there and fine (screen, camera, etc.).
If you are interested in the phone or parts of it, make me an offer!

Ain’t that a bit contradictory? :wink:

Maybe you could elaborate a bit more about what is working and what is not so reliable any more. And probably a desired price could be added?

Some pictures of the phone could help as well.
If it still is working, take one picture with the display showing the actual date and ideally at least one of the SIM-card symbols active.

If no one will be interested and you feel generous enough, you could maybe offer it to the #fairphoneangels. They could use it at least for spare parts.


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