FP1 - not booting - for sale

I have a FP1, first edition, for sale.
It is not booting, no charge LED, no visible reaction whatsoever. Just died with no warning signs.
Screen is not cracked, little wear and tear, but I don’t know which parts are still working. I can provide pictures on request.
It has clearly readable IMEI numbers printed on the inside, so it should qualify for the 75€ recycling cash back program when you buy a Fairphone 3.
Asking for 35EUR plus shipping or nearest offer :slight_smile:
I already ordered a PinePhone, so I can’t use the cash-bck program.

I think that Fairphone reserve the right not to apply recycling cash back in absence of original Fairphone order upon a non-booting phone if you elaborate FAQ here:https://www.fairphone.com/en/recycle-your-phone/

@aspergerguy: I’m not sure what your point is.:thinking:
I’m just suggesting that if someone orders a FP3 she will likely be able to get a cash-back when sending in a non-booting FP1 with clearly readable IMEI numbers.

The phone has to be bootable to get a refund.

@Lidwien: I beg to disagree, the FAQ says something different:

> My phone does not turn on, what happens next?

If this is the case, there is no guarantee that our systems will be able to check your phone’s IMEI number which we use to identify the brand and model. For some cases, we are still able to retrieve and check the IMEI number. If we are able to do this and you have added a Fairphone 3 order number, we can process your cash back. If we are unable to retrieve the IMEI, unfortunately we cannot automatically process your cash back. Please contact our support team and have the same shipping label you used for us to be able to find your order and process your cash back manually.

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@Leo I still owe you an answer.
I have ask Support about the recycle programm and a non bootable phone.
They wrote to me:
“As long as the IMEI is clearly identifiable, then it is possible to get a refund.”


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