FP1: Macadamia 1.9.9-pre3 Alpha (Android Kitkat)

So I updated to pre3, reinstalled GApps and flashed the recovery back to CWM. As far as I can tell the battery discharges now more smoothly, thanks for this fix! With only one SIM the roaming bug fix works fine, so no R in Germany with O2/E-Plus (National Roaming).

There is just the GPS “bug” left, that GPS works really great in Location Engineer Mode and much worse and slower in every other app like Google Maps or Pokemon GO. I’m really no expert with Android, but maybe it’s because these apps are more CPU intensive which slows the GPS and maybe could be fixed if the GPS priority would be somehow increased?

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Update from pre2 (named pre1 in the updater) to pre3 with the updater worked well. Of course got an error from playstore, so installed Gapps, and had to re-enter my google account data. No issues so far.

Got the message “Fairphone launcher 3 wurde beendet”. I was using Firefox only afair. Not much details i can give here.

Update from pre1 to pre3 failed for me.
The updater app offeted pre3, downloaded and installed it.
After reboot there is a warning in recovery mode that signature verification failed. And a question how to proceed (see screenshot).
No matter if I select yes or no, it seens that the update is not installed.
At least the update app still shows me pre1.

The about phone menu shows me Build number ALPS.KK1.MP5.V1 and Custom build version 1467283639.

It’s normal that this screen shows up when you install the update while having CWM recovery installed. But I never had a problem installing it after choosing “Yes - Install untrusted zip”… :confused:

For me everything is working ok (thanks for you work @jftr), my only issue is that the battery is still erratic. It was discharging very slowing until it started a sharp drop. I noticed that while it is quickly dropping, the power button only works to wake the device, I cannot sleep, shutdown or restart it, so I removed the battery and it booted with 3%.

As @Sujus already says: CWM does not include our public key and thus cannot verify the signature. I am sorry, but I cannot give any support for CWM. Please re-flash our stock recovery (it is inside the OTA package) if flashing continues to fail.

Oh no, I do not like that. Can you please use the phone for a couple of days and see if the behavior normalizes?

If it happens again, can you please create an adb bugreport and send it to me? Thanks

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I noticed that even when I “downdated” to 4.2 the issue was still there, so maybe it’s in a file that a simple flashing/update doesn’t replace?

Hey, I also experienced this once immediately after updating, but I wanted to wait over the weekend and observe the behaviour further. I’m also planning to do a batter reset (see #batteryguide).

The thing with the button has happened a lot to me (three times a week maybe), but I set a workaround in Gravity Box: Double tap the status bar and turn off the screen this way. Besides I’ve found out that if I press a volume button, I’m able to press the power button again afterwards. I tried to log this and found log entries that indicated a connection between volume and power button. Unfortunately it’s not reproducible so I can’t properly log the issue.

This is a 1.5 days usage with charging inbetween. (pre3, updates from orig. Config) The steep parts are gameplay. The charging (middle of pic) went very fast! So to me it looks ok.

Hot/Austria shows also a roaming R and asks every time I make phone call if I really want to do this in Roaming mode

Hi nanu, did you try turning this off in the roaming settings? (settings, sim, roaming, reminder)

The roaming issue occurred again because I forgot to merge the changes when switching around code bases. I have already fixed this. So, if pre2 did not show the roaming sign for you, the next release won’t show it either.

There is only a need to try to fix this if pre2 did show the same wrong behavior.

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The battery level just dropped, so I guess there are more fixes needed :confused:
I also figured out that there seems to be no gps.conf so I made one and the GPS now works at least a bit better.

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I don’t get it… without changing anything… those are enormous differences… :neutral_face:

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Do you have the more detailed screens, that come up when you click the diagramm?

I am still waiting for a fix of the keyboard. Once it was possible to swype and it was said to being fixed. Or do i have to change settings manually?

Hmm no because I didn’t know you could do that… I will next time though… :blush:

AFAIK the AOSP keyboard does not properly support swiping. You have to install alternative keyboards (Swiftkey, Swype, Google Keyboard, etc. come to mind).

These could be many things … for instance your screen on time seems to be much higher. Also, powwer consumption of GSM, wifi, etc. highly depend on signal strength. Just moving to a different room of your house could mean you get significantly less battery time. Combine that with half an hour more with the screen turned on and you get such a picture… I don’t see anything unusual (unless you tell me these numbers stem from a controlled experimental environment :wink: )