FP1: Macadamia 1.9.9-pre3 Alpha (Android Kitkat)

I added another finding to the dialer lag investigation.


One thing I noticed yesterday is that the CA bundle is out of date.

I wanted to open this image - but the operating system didn’t trust the CA that signed that site’s certificate.

It would be great if you could include a current version of the CA bundle with new builds (perhaps get it directly from Mozilla?).

(And while you’re at it, the timezone database needs an update, too.)

Yes I had this problem too… very annoying. Vidéo works great on my phone but other person gets pixel like images. Sound’s ok though… What’s that about?

Very weirg stuff happened to my phone during ski vacation: suddenly battery lasted longer that usual… I was very surprised that after several hours I was still around 80%.

Then I got a notification that the SD card was damaged… I took it out (managed to save all data on computer because for the computer it was not damaged) and then, without SD card battery life started dropping… after few hours I was at around 30%.

I formated the SD card, put it back still got a message that it’s damaged. Took it out again…

Battery life still not good…

I really don’t get it…

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Oh no, these are new issues … sounds bad. I will have a look asap.

I turned the second post into a wiki. Guys, can you please add your issues there (with a link to the topic or post describing it). Thanks.


I had that issue when sending videos via Telegram.
And it occurred to me with Android 4.2, too, so at least it’s no regression. :slight_smile:

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I added two issues (those that bug me the most, tbh). :slight_smile:

The Peace of Mind App from the Google Play Store from mudar.ca works perfect for me on the pre3

But the battery life is really not good :frowning:

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I’ve compiled the issues I experienced in this post.
I didn’t add them to the second post because I don’t in which way these issues impact others.

Issues that are new to Macadamia (sorted from bad to annoying):

Things that would be great and issues that have always been there (sorted from annoying to would-be-nice):


I can’t confirm the updater crashes. My updater here doesn’t crash, so that seems some other problem and not a bug.


Thanks a lot. You can file them as unconfirmed and let other people confirm them. If it affects two users, it is issue enough to be considered.

That’s certainly interesting because I can reproduce this at will just by restarting my phone or just starting the updated.
And I get a stacktrace which looks like a bug in the app.
Perhaps a clear of the download manager’s storage will help?
Edit: No.

03-02 14:34:24.580 D/su      (27434): 10160 com.fairphone.updater executing 0 /system/bin/sh using binary /system/bin/sh : sh
03-02 14:34:26.023 E/AndroidRuntime(27393): Process: com.fairphone.updater, PID: 27393
03-02 14:34:26.023 E/AndroidRuntime(27393): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start service com.fairphone.updater.UpdaterService@422cef58 with Intent { cmp=com.fairphone.updater/.UpdaterService (has extras) }: java.lang.SecurityException: Invalid value for visibility: 2
03-02 14:34:26.023 E/AndroidRuntime(27393): 	at com.fairphone.updater.UpdaterService.startDownloadLatest(UpdaterService.java:255)
03-02 14:34:26.023 E/AndroidRuntime(27393): 	at com.fairphone.updater.UpdaterService.downloadConfigFile(UpdaterService.java:170)
03-02 14:34:26.023 E/AndroidRuntime(27393): 	at com.fairphone.updater.UpdaterService.onStartCommand(UpdaterService.java:112)
03-02 14:34:26.308 I/DEBUG   (27488): [OnPurpose Redunant in preset_info] pid: 27393, tid: -1361051648, name: UNKNOWN  >>> com.fairphone.updater <<<
03-02 14:34:28.253 I/WindowState(1751): WIN DEATH: Window{42fa1d88 u0 com.fairphone.updater/com.fairphone.updater.FairphoneUpdater}

Edit 2: According to Stack Overflow, this issue occurs when the app trying to download something tries to hide the download from the user but doesn’t have android.permission.DOWNLOAD_WITHOUT_NOTIFICATION (which holds true for the updater). So I guess the solution would be either to download without hiding the notification (eg. removing this line:


) or giving the updater the required permission.

@jftr could you try this?


Thanks for the detailed investigation, @YtvwlD.

We have a fix lined up for that already. It is going to be in our upcoming releases. However, we did not consider it urgent, because afaik this should only ever happen if Updater is run as user app. This should not happen when Updater is installed as system app, which is the case for all our phones…

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I moved the updater from /system/app/ to /system/priv-app/ and it works now.

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@YtvwlD Thanks a lot for the tip, this solved the issue on my phone as well!

Thanks for finding this bug: Apparently we forgot to make Updater a privileged app when migrating (in JB all apps in /system/apps/ used to be privileged by default).


Can anybody here disable system apps in #kitkat ? I would like to disable the Browser.

Feature requests:

in 4.2.x There was a widget with some basic system settings switch on/off like:

  • Wlan
  • Bluetooth
  • Brightness of Screen
  • Data Synchronising
  • GPS

some other system settings you can reach via pull-down like some of the points above plus some more like:

  • Display timeout
  • Data Connection
  • Accu
  • Audio Profile

now, it seams that the widget is gone (or am I too stupid to find it?) and the pull-down setting menu has changed.

I think it would be a good practice to gather all the setting points in one place (widget OR pulldown), but more important is maybe the question what setting points should be in the menu.

actual collection (pre3) is ok, consists of there items:

  • Accu
  • Settings
  • Wlan (on/off)
  • Bluetooth (on/off)
  • GPS (on/off)
  • Flight-Mode (on/off)
  • Data Connection (on/off)
  • Data consumption
  • Audio Profile
  • Brightness of Screen
  • Screen Rotation (on/off)
  • Alarm Clock (if set)
  • new: Send Screen

what i miss (from Kola Nut) is:

  • Screen Time Out
  • from Widget: Data Synchronisation (on/off)

great work so far!

Thanks for collecting all these.

I can see whether the widget is still somewhere in the code. I am pretty sure there are similar widget to be found in several app stores.

About the other changes: They are part of the newer version of Android and we do not want to change them. I know that changes are often annoying (especially if features get thrown out) and I also know that not all changes to Android are for the better.

However, we do not want to deviate from Android source (unless necessary to get the phone working) because doing so makes it harder to maintain.

Thus, we won’t re-implement features and focus on the actual bugs we still have.


GravityBox allows you to change which buttons are in the pull-down menu and in which order.