FP1: Macadamia 1.9.9-pre3 Alpha (Android Kitkat)

Can you please send me (beta@fairphone.com) an adb bugreport shortly after this happened?
Maybe turn the phone off and on again and capture the bugreport as soon as the issue shows up for the first time. Thanks

Edit: Specified email address.


Starting having battery problems again… Haven’t changed anything though… Don’t get it :frowning:

I don’t think there is much to get for you. It’s rather on my side: This looks like a bug which we haven’t figured out yet.

I hope you figure it out quickly :wink:

By the way why do you think my phone can’t be synchronized with my fitbit? (as I read somewhere at this forum that it was tested and works).

Hope you figure that out quickly too so I can love my FP1 even more!!

So do I :sweat:

Yes, I have personally tested this (albeit only for a few hours). The one I tested was very basic (don’t remember which model). There might be several issues.

In any case, let’s gather all discussion regarding bluetooth in this thread.

I didn’t update to pre2 yet (still pre1). Did someone have any trouble with the general reaction speed of the system? When i used to play Pokemong Go before the ban of rooted devices i was thinking my OS is slower because of Pokemon Go. But even after not using Pokemon Go anymore i feel like the system is palpably slower. Also firefox is crashing quite often on several websites (even facebook). I don’t think i read about one of these problems before. Are there some fixes in pre2?

While it is possible that some of the other stuff we have been working on, fixes some isssues, we did not know about the issues you describe and haven’t looked into them specifically.

It would be great if you could update to pre2 and send me adb bugreports if you encounter the issues again.

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I think this is related to Pokemon Go (or microG, did you use it or do you have Google Play Services installed?). On my phone Firefox also crashed every time, when there is a Google map embedded somewhere on a website. I think this is an aftermath of having used Pokemon Go and/or microG. I uninstalled both and still have the issue.

Hello, I’ve been using my Fairphone (first with pre1, now with pre2) as my daily smartphone for some months. This are the bugs that I’ve found:

  • After you turn off the GPS, it appears as on (but it’s off) in the battery usage.
  • The LED notification only works when the battery level is low. No LED Notifications for whatsapp messages or missed calls.
  • To enable GPS properly, it seems that the 3g data must be off. Once the GPS signal is OK, you can enable 3g data again.
  • This summer I travelled from Spain to Portugal. All was OK except that I had to reboot my phone during the trip and when the phone was ON again, an error message appears (sorry, I didn’t jot down the error message). I think it’s because the phone was started with a roaming network. That happened with the pre1 version, not tested with pre2.
  • When you switch from WiFi to 3G, the 3G lasts 5 seconds (more or less) to connect.

That’s all that I can find for now. Whenever I can I will install pre2 from scrath (wipe data and cache).


Weird but I don’t have battery problems anymore…

I have speaker problems though… As with FP2 when phone is set to speaker mode nothing changes, volume is the same as on usual mode.

Enhancement: SMS to MMS threshold is back to 3. Should be at least 10 or infinity. (SMS are mostly gratis while MMS are expensive.)

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Hello, I don’t think that I’ve a software bug but I still mention it. My pre2 phone just started flickering (turning darker and brighter but gradually getting darker) the screen and it turned black. I currently try to reboot it but it stays black and as I can not input the encryption key, I can’t access it using adb or other tools. It currently click for my attention because it’s not unlocked and typing blind is not really a good thing.

I’ll try to check the hardware later, but @jftr was something changed with the brightness and pre2?

i didn’t use microG, only google play. also no magisk or something like this.

will the update erase my data? do i have to reinstall and backup everything like when i installed the pre1 or will it only update the OS with all my data untouched?

After waiting for a while with the battery removed I was able to see the boot animation but the brightness went down again during it with flickering. At the point where I have to enter the decryption code the screen was completely black again.

I have trouble with synchronization… phone’s connected but messages or other doesn’t load… I don’t know if it’s OS related…

Nope, nothing changed in that regard. It’s a real bummer to hear that. My hardware colleagues tell me that it is not a hardware issue they have seen before.

What happens if you boot into recovery? Does that work?

If it’s really only the screen, you could also try to use a USB on-the-go (OTG) adapter and connect a keyboard. The ROM includes drivers for USB keyboards. This might also work when entering the decryption password.

It will only update the system partition. Your data will not be touched.

Do you use GApps? What apps do not load properly?

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@ilaz, thanks for the useful debugging.

It could be that the OS and battery needed some calibration first. Did you change anything else?

Is it possible to just set this to a high number? I assume there are protocols and standards to be adhered.

I use OpenGapps. Gmail doesn’t synchronize as it should but also whatsapp… I receive messages long after they are send and I don’t always get notifications either…

With Gmail, I see the title of the message but when I try to load it it won’t always load.

No I didn’t change anything…

Is it possible for you to install the GApps package that we provide next time you update? I cannot give support for OpenGApps but would hate to have the same issue in the GApps package we provide.

I think some of these problems are also just on Google’s side. I know similar issues also exist on other phones.

(I assume your connection is fast and stable when you test this).