FP1: Macadamia 1.9.9-pre3 Alpha (Android Kitkat)

I installed it as an update in recovery from sd card and I did not loose my date…

OK I’m trying this and letting you know how it works out! :wink:

Where exactly? can you link?

1.9.9-pre2 installed. Running fine for me. Bluetooth in my car: fine. Battery levels seems to be good too, but I’m used to charge at least once a day, so the battery is almost never empty. I’ll try to use it without charging today.
Thanks for working on this, it makes me use my FP1 again.

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Before installing… what GAPPs are included in your zip? Because I would like a min package and then go from there.


That is the problem! There are a lot of useless google apps in it. But I deinstalled them with Titatnium Backup…

Can you please give more details and possibly the input of /cache/recovery/last_log (or similar).

What does that mean? Under what circumstances does it not work?

Have you reported that one before? I might have overlooked that one. Please give me a link to that post.[quote=“evidemment, post:177, topic:19450, full:true”]
Will I lose my data?

No, the only things touched are the following partitions:

  • recovery (the recovery)
  • boot (the kernel)
  • system (the Android system)
  • logo (the boot logo)

User data is stored on data and not touched.

This is a pretty standard GApps package as used by Cyanogenmod. You can actually look inside and see whick apks are included (it’s a Zip archive after all).

These are the apks included (many of them behind the scenes system stuff):

  • GenieWidget.apk
  • Gmail2.apk
  • GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk
  • GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk
  • GoogleEars.apk
  • GoogleTTS.apk
  • Hangouts.apk
  • Maps.apk
  • MediaUploader.apk
  • PlayGames.apk
  • PlusOne.apk
  • ConfigUpdater.apk
  • GmsCore.apk
  • GoogleBackupTransport.apk
  • GoogleFeedback.apk
  • GoogleLoginService.apk
  • GoogleOneTimeInitializer.apk
  • GooglePartnerSetup.apk
  • GoogleServicesFramework.apk
  • Phonesky.apk
  • SetupWizard.apk
  • Velvet.apk
  • talkback.apk

Does the new Alpha (pre2) install GAPPS on my device??? If positive, then I’m out of this Alpha Testing. It would be a no go for me!

PS.: Hangouts??? Gmail??? Maps??? Really??? Why would anybody need these???

Dear @Stefan, please have a look at the question I was responding to. It’s all about the GApps updater Zip. Of course, the images for FP1(U) will never include GApps.


Ok that’s relieving! Sorry for overreacting… :blush:


If I open the Update it crashes and says: “Fairphone Updater” wurde beendet

No have not reported the E-Mail problem, but I think somebody else did it…

How do you open the Updater? From the launcher? Or from the Filemanager? Or from Downloads?

Is there anything unusual in your setup? Can you please make the Updater crash again, capture an adb bugreport and send me the file? Thanks

Do you have a link?

I have a list of bugs and issues that I found on the pre1, this week I will try to install pre2 and see if they have gone :).

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re: endless boot loop while trying to get into recovery: Probably an install issue when another boot loader is used. I fixed that by wiping the phone.
re: Fairphone Updater: even with the vanilla install, the updater crashes. (same as for uudddu). Maybe it relates to some google stuff that is not installed? Well - no harm done; can’t install google, but can live a while without it. Only some apps that I restored via Titanium will get outdated over the time.

The Updater crashes for me every time I reboot the phone after installing the pre2 Image. It is started by the system and crashes directly after I’ve unlocked my simcard.

Little extract from the bugreport.txt:

09-07 10:25:23.824  1604  1801 I am_proc_start: [0,2518,10089,com.fairphone.updater,broadcast,com.fairphone.updater/.BootBroadcastReceiver]
09-07 10:25:23.970  1604  1912 I am_proc_died: [0,2497,com.android.email]
09-07 10:25:23.984  1604  1616 I am_proc_bound: [0,2518,com.fairphone.updater]
09-07 10:25:24.129  1604  1884 I am_create_service: [0,1106201080,.UpdaterService,10089,2518]
09-07 10:25:24.279  1604  1615 I am_crash: [2518,0,com.fairphone.updater,13155909,java.lang.SecurityException,Invalid value for visibility: 2,Parcel.java,1465]
09-07 10:25:36.401  1604  1838 I am_proc_died: [0,2518,com.fairphone.updater]
09-07 10:25:36.634  1186  1186 I sf_frame_dur: [Application Error: com.fairphone.updater,16,1,0,1,0,1,1]

I’ll send the complete bugreport.txt via E-Mail soon and reference this comment.

I installed the update. Everything went fine


I can’t dowload anything from google store (Don’t know what I did, messed around with Titanium Backup a bit) and I still can’t synchronize my fitbit trainer via bluetooth… not detected (which is very unfornunate).

Otherwise so far so good!

Edit: Error DF-DLA-15 can’t download with F-Droid either… any ideas?

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Did the whole thing again and this time I froze gapps I don’t need… It’s working.

I would really like a tutorial about what apks I can Uninstall and what I have to keep (but that’s another story)

I did as you did but (as you can see on the previous post) I must have deinstalled too much!

So would you be willing to make a list of what can be deleted and which application should be kept in order for the market to keep working? It would be great!!

To be honest, I don’t know either which parts of the GApps packages are essential and which are disposable. That’s exactly why I left a lot of stuff in the updater.

If you find out which ones are safe to remove, I might look into it again. A good starting point might be the OpenGApps micro and nano packages.