FP1 intermittently hanging/crashing

Hey guys, I have a FP1, which I have updated to FP1U. I have noticed, that sometimes it seems to hang and doesn’t respond by lighting up the screen when pushing the power button (to unlock it), and stops playing mp3s and everything for 10s. Then, it seems to get out of it and connects again to the mobile nets and responds on power button push.
Has happened my last 2 phone calls, about 10-15 seconds in to the call, it just stops.
I have seen it when playing mp3s as well, like 1-5 minutes in.
I saw this behaviour both before and after my upgrade to FP1U.

Edit: It is a FP1 that I have updated with the unified partition layout.



Is your internal storage quite crammed or is there enough storage space left?

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I have 7GB used and 6GB free.

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ok, plenty of space left then. How about RAM usage?
(Manage Apps -> Running)

430MB Used, 545MB Free.
I guess I should look at it next time it happens.

Hi what does that mean? FP1U is a second batch model…

I’m pretty sure he meant he upgraded the storage to the unified partition (storage upgrade).
(I’m aware the hardware is still different)

You are correct. I edited my post to clarify that.

The problem still persists. Though, some times, I can make a phone call without any problems.
I did check the memory usage just after on of these crashes, and it was using 440MB. But, if it was an issue with the memory filling up, it would be more useful to check the memory usage before the crash. Are there any apps I can run to do that? Or should I write a script myself?

I also noticed an issue with the hands free (connected through a cord) microphone not working (the hands free did work last week during a call) - but removing the hands free, I could continue the call using the built in microphone.

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