FP1, good condition (but the battery...) : 35€

I sell my FP1.
Everything works perfectly, but the battery.
Original battery has been replaced by Huawei one. It works but battery gauge is now unreliable (one of the 3 battery contacts is not straight anymore but it is OK).
And plastic clips retaining back cover are broken, then a case is necessary to hold back cover (absolutely no problem with the supplied blue case).
Original box included.

Price: 35 €

Shipping price: please provide your label (MondialRelay, Colissimo, etc…) and I will stick it to the package.

Hi Zimlaboum,
I would like to buy it.
Could you send it per post to Switzerland?

No problem for me to ship to Switzerland.
“La Poste” price is 12.30 € for 500 g (net weight is 375 g).

Please contact by private message for the next steps.

whats your private email?

Hi! Is the phone still available? I am from Italy. Thank you!

Sorry it was sold today to australia…

Ok, thank you! Silvia

Unfortunately because of customs my package to australia has been rejected is now back in my home !
Then my FP1 in on sale again ! (within european union only…)

My FP1 is still available !

Hello Zimlaboum,
I’m interrested in your phone.
I’ll contact you by private message.

hello, i send you a dm too :wink:

bonne soirée

[edit] ha non, je n’y parviens pas … trop jeune membre peut-être ^^

C’est vraie.
Tu as besoin de lire un peu plus longtemps. Maintenant, cela devrait être possible.

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thank you… merci ^^ je vais aller voir ça

I am currently exchanging with @Jerome_D ; I hope it will work with him !

no problems :wink: good luck

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