FP1/FP1U Display Assembly, frame and cover

I’ve been buying spare parts for the FP1 years ago but I just couldn’t get the chance to sell them because I could give my old FP1 in payment for a FP2.
Now I’m offering my spare parts for the FP1/FP1U. All spare parts are as good as new because I only used them for a week after the USB socket broke irrevocably.
The display has had a small local yellow colouring since the beginning but hadn’t reported this to FP because of the hopeless spare parts situation.

1x used original Battery
1x FP1/FP1U Display Assembly
1x Midframe
1x Back Cover
1x Set Replacement Screws

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Hi @PackElend,

How much is the FP1 original battery? (With the shipping price) I live in Spain


that is the original battery, so it is used. I forgot to mentioned it. Can’t tell if it is worth shipping it as it doesn’t have the fully capacity anymore

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