FP1 for spare parts + case

FP1 in good condition offered for use as spare parts. One blue case. No battery.
Located in Sweden. Possibility to ship. Price to be discussed.

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Hi, I’m interested in your Fairphone, mostly in the screen, it’s ok?, would appreciate any photo.

I’m in Spain; what about 100€ + shipping cost?



Maybe not the best photo but shows the screen. Price ok.



Perfect. How we’ll do?

I have checked mailing costs and it seems that there are a couple of options. Cheapest is for ca €5.5 but then they Said that another option would be to send it recommended and with insurance. That would then cost ca €13. Based on an exchange rate of €1=10.30 SEK. CF attached picture.

My suggestion is that you send me your email address (i think that this gord vis the forum, or?. I will send account details, you transfer the money and shipping address, i send you the phone with the mailing option that you want.

Ok with you?


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As a BASIC user, @natxooy should be able to send you a private message through the forum mailing system now.

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