FP1 for sale (Was: A goodbye (and sorry))

My FP1 is functioning perfect. Screen, battery, looks.
But Android 4.2.2. is outdated, 2 new apps wil not accept this version.
Then 4.4 maybe, but more waiting? And more waiting? And more waiting? No.
Futher upgrade is impossible, due to the outdated hardware :slight_smile: .

To buy an FP2? ehh, sorry no. Fair has its price, yes. And I do not take the risk of having a perfect FP 2, but technical outdated again.

So, alas, my FP 1 is for sale. I will be less FAIR, less green. Maybe an refurbished cell phone, that is a kind of green too.

Or can anyone give me a good reason to stick to my FP1, alternatively buy an FP2? I am curious :slight_smile: .