FP1 for sale (UK) incl. (new/unused) midframe + battery

Hi all,
I would like to sell my FP1. It has been used for 4 years and will probably last a few more years. There is a clean diagonal split on the screen (the touch screen still works fine as it’s a very clean cut on the glass), the midframe has some splits and the aluminium case does not fit perfectly anymore as it’s a bit bend (I have replaced it once). The phone also has a flexible/rubber case that is not original Fairphone though but it fits well and prevents the alu back case from falling off.
The only technical issues I ever had with this phone were bloated battery and functioning erratically when the second sim slot is empty. When there’s a sim card in the second slot and the sim is not activated it works fine.
The only reason why I replaced my FP1 was that I bought another 2nd hand phone with a better camera. So, the phone is still in usable condition but can be also used for spares.

I have also a completely new/unused midframe and battery. Don’t mind selling altogether or separately.


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