FP1 for sale in good condition

I’m selling my wife’s FP1 First Edition from early 2013. It is fully functional, of course has some minor scratches here and there but those are not really visible in daily usage. The USB port works both for charging and for data transfer. The battery is the vhbw battery with some plastic spacers which hold the battery very well. An original battery is still available, too, and although that one has been used for about two years it didn’t perform much worse than the third party replacement, as we learnt.
Except for that, no changes or repairs were ever done to the phone. Android 4.4 is installed. We sell it with a blue cover. The reason why we sell it are the outdated software and slightly higher demands by some frequently used apps.
The phone is located in Dresden/Germany, selling it nearby would be nice but shipping to wherever is possible, too, if you pay for it. Given the rather good condition we ask 40€ for the phone.


I would like to buy this phone.
Could you send it to Poland?
I can pay with SEPA transfer or via PayPal.

With best regards