FP1 flash repair question and spare part search

@BertG Thanks for your thought. It’s indeed an appealing option (to just deal with software and data migration).

@urs_lesse It should be (and I missed this item in the shop previously) (I’ll buy some, just in case). Still, the picture shows something different from the component I seen and resoldered on my unit. What I seen was the same component than iFixit shows:

The shop spare part looks too small.

Also, iFixit shows a flash partially soldered, only 2 of the 3 “legs” are soldered, to 2 of the 3 targets… As I’m dealing with my 1st FP1/FP1U I’m curious of broader feedback on this.

By the way, I updated the following page, with the FP1 specifications, the FP1 feels great to handle:


I’m not sure which part in which photo you mean. Maybe you can specify the picture and describe it. :slight_smile:

And frankly, I would think you have a good chance to get such a spare part (used) from another Fairphone user or Fairphone Angel. The camera and the flash are not needed as often as spare parts compared to displays, intact motherboards, batteries or metal back covers (all sold out in the Fairphone spare parts shop). So just ask.

Should I separate our discussion from this FP1 market topic now?

Good idea to separate the discussion.

What I mean is that the piece from the Fairphone shop (black flat thing describing a 90° corner with two holes around the LED of the flash) is smaller and not the same shape as the same piece seen on iFixit, every picture showing it, sided to the main camera.

Then, step 20 shows how the iFixit flash component is soldered to the motherboard, with only 2 legs soldered among 3.

ok, I guess you mean the black square box here, with some red colour under it:

Frankly, I think it is the selfie camera (secondary camera), but perhaps it also includes functionality necessary for the flash (on the back side of the motherboard) – I don’t know.

On tuesday, I will repair someone’s FP1 which only needs a new display. I will take the display from a functional FP1 that has a working motherboard (only the USB port and the audio port are damaged). So if I succeed in the repair, I would have a motherboard with an intact selfie camera and flash that I could send to you.

However, I admit your initial idea to replace the whole phone might be an easier option (unless you have now developed a soldering ambition :wink: )

That would be great :slight_smile:

But I’m not speaking about the front camera. I’m only speaking about the black horizontal “flat cable” that we see coming under the copper “flat cable” connecting the rear camera and it’s popup plug (black rectangle with “SUNNY” in the middle).

Under this shining copper “flat cable”, there is another flat cable, black, going toward the side of the motherboard, until 3 soldering spots, also horizontal. It looks like there is 4 of them, but it’s because of the strange soldering pattern I described (in previous messages : on leg of the flat cable is not soldered on top, and one target at the bottom).

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Also, the serial number of the rear camera is H 13 23 on the last line on the popup plug in the photo, and it’s H 13 35 on the Fairphone store… maybe there could be an improvement in the picture quality with a component of a higher serial number ?

Plus: Replacing the whoe phone instead of “breaking things up” that are working just fine to me is way less prone to lead to damage. Especially if I would do the breaking up. :wink:
Especially taking into account what @ElKrasso has posted with regard to ESD:

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I remember that the First Edition FP1 (without “U”) was only able to record 720p video and that the FP1U records up to 1080p video. Back then this was only discussed in the context of the different processor in the FP1 vs. the FP1U, but maybe this also came with a slightly different camera.

Either way, I think others might be more knowledgeable than I am (and I need to get to bed :wink: ). As @BertG’s comment suggests, @ElKrasso is our soldering expert, so maybe he’s more useful here. :angel:

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I just did a fast read of this coversation. @siltaar mentioned that not all contacts of the connection cable are soldered. I my eyes nothing wrong with that, or did I miss the point?

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@ElKrasso With the FP1U I have (with a non working flash) the 3 contacts of the Flash connection cable are soldered.
On the iFixit picture, it’s not the case.

I wonder how it should be soldered to work. Maybe the one I have to repair was previously badly repaired, and not correctly soldered ?

(I’m seeking the info before opening the unit up again to try another soldering pattern…)

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Can you provide some fotos?

A close look (with zoom) at connection of the flash light (circled in red above) shows that on this iFixit picture, the uppermost cable connection is not soldered, the 2 under are connected to the 2 firsts connections target on the motherboard. And the 3rd connection target on the motherboard is not soldered to anything.

So it looks like there is 4 connections, if one does’nt closely look at it.

It’s not like that on my FP1U unit. What is to be seen on my unit is a perfect match : 3 connections (from cable) soldered to 3 connection target.

From my side of view there are only three pads and flat cable is missoldered in that picture:

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This is it ! Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

So, the iFixit photo shows a badly soldered flat cable… (I could not tell from my broken flash unit).

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Today I disassembled the FP1 I talked about last night. I now have a motherboard that has the flash still soldered to it (as well as the front camera on the other side). Do you still want it?

By the way, another FP1’s (main) camera unit that I have here has an H 14 … number, so it might be even more complicated (or maybe it’s just about the time of production, like “year 2014, week …”.

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I ordered pieces from the Fairphone shop. It will arrive in a few day.

I propose to try this before, and to come back to you if it’s really not the good piece I receive.

H 14 … might be the year effectively. I sent an email to Sunny, the manufacturer, I might receive an answer :slight_smile:

Here are the photos of the flash part I got while ordering from the Fairphone Shop.
It’s what I need, but it’s not what the shop shows.


@Monica.Ciovica @Douwe The photos in the shop here:
Are wrong. Would it be possible to replace them with mine ? (from previous post)

Just to mention it, I soldered the piece and it worked as expected.
As a matter of comparison, using a white blank screen with full brightness gives comparable results when it come to turn a FP1 to a torchlight ([edit 2019-05-28: after some tests in real condition, the blank screen is a better source of light).


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