FP1 doesn't stop loading app updates without Wifi, although option already set

My FP1 loads updates for the apps installed (Google services, PDF reader, etc) and thus charges heavily on my flat rate. I have already set the option “Automatic updates only when connected to Wifi” in the Google Play Store settings, but the phone doesn’t care. I continue to see updates being loaded when I am not at home which affects the speed of my browser and which consumes parts of my flatrate. the only chance I have is to stop the process brutaly whenever I realise it’s happening again. Any hint whats going wrong?

It sounds like a bug to me. I don’t use the play store application so I can’t tell.

Do you use the latest play store version?
Try “Do not auto-update apps” and update the apps manually/reactive if needed as a workaround for now.

There are applications that check for updates using only wifi and let you know if there is an update for installed software available.

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