FP1 disconnected from employer as not complying to BYOD Android 5.* + must requiement

is it possible or if not at least planned to have a means to upgrade to Android 5.* or above with Fairphone first edition, now upgraded to FP1, Android 4.2.2 ?
This is critical to me and a few users as for exemple my employer does not allow anymore devices below android 5.* on their network. So I will soon have to stop using the fariphone as my byod .
Thanks in advance for any feedback .

I’m sorry but it wont be possible, the last version will be the 4.4, its mainly because of the SoC manufacturer, they already had a very difficult time having the sources for 4.4

Do you mean your employer is forcing you to buy a new personal phone ?
From your own money ?
Or is it because you don’t like the devices they are providing you, and prefer using your own ?

If you want to stay with Fairphone, I suggest you sell your FP1 and get a FP2 instead. We have #marketplace::tag s on the forum.

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thanks jaymanu for the nearly instant reply - they don´t - my objective is to use the FairPhone in an environment where everybody has the latest iPhone, Samsung, etc … and be the living example that “things” can be different … :wink:

thanks stefan as well for the very quick reply and proactive advice - I will check the option out … unfortunatedly this defies a little the FairPhone idea of “Built to last” - I had seen some publications of security threats that Android 4.* would be exposed to - this is why my employer has decided to upgrade all company devices to Android 5.*+ and give a very short grace period to employee’s devices under BYOD to comply with security guidelines. I understand that this will happen to may FairPhone FP1 users.

To better understand the challenges of software support for the Fairphone 1, I recommend you to read this blog entry:

Unfortunately not everything is in Fairphone’s own hands. However @jftr says here:

So in conclusion, not having the latest Android version does not mean that the Fairphone 1 will be insecure. In fact there have been reports about software vulnerabilities in higher Android versions.

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