FP1 daughterboard wanted

Thought I would just tack on to this with my own request.

I am looking for a Fairphone 1 bottom module. I have my eyes open via the usual second hand sites, but just in care anyone has access to one here…

Many thanks in advance.

The FP1 is no modular build phone, so are you really sure, you are searching for a FP1 spare part?

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Just the bottom module =)

As the other Post is about batteries, I moved yours to its own topic in marked search


Thank you.

Was undecided as to rack on or start a new topic.

Thanks for the adjustment =)

The part shown is labelled “Daughterboard”:

I should have this part somewhere, will look later. However, if someone from the :uk: UK here has it, please say so, I guess that would be preferable in terms of sending. I’ve now put the term into the topic title.


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