FP1 connectivity problems - diagnosis?

Hi there,

My FP1 suffers from more or less severe connectivity problems (independent from SIM slot). It constantly loses network connection, resultung in lost calls, and calls can only be made in every 2-3 attempt. The problems started occuring after a period about 6 months ago when I had openened the phone for a camera replacement, but I also had a rain/water contamination by that time. So it may have to do with either of them.

Is there any way to diagnose what the problem could be? I suspect it is
a) either a connectivity problem with the antenna, which could be solved
b) an internal electronics problem, which would mean I’d get a new phone
c) other ideas?


PS: The problem occurs with different SIM card on different networks in various countries. WiFi works flawlessly.

I had roughly the same problems after my FP1U took a dive.
Cleaning my simcard and the contacts in the phone did the trick for me.

Use 95% (or higher) alcohol for sale at your local drugstore and a q-tip.
Gently clean card and contacts, make sure no fibers from the q-tip remain stuck.

Might want to leave the phone open/disassembled overnight first to give any trapped moisture a bigger chance to evaporate.

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Hi Friedrich, thank you! Which contacts did you clean?

The ones the simcard touches.

I face similar problems with my FP1 (only mobile network is affected; WiFi and Bluetooth still work).
A contact to water or an event of opening the phone could be part of the reason for me as well.

I went through these steps of diagnosis already (without suggess so far):

I still have not tried to exchange the black intermediate part of the casing (conductors looking like an antenna are included there) and the motherboard (I don’t have these parts available).

I was adviced to check contacts. Is there a way to do that with tools like a multimeter and simpler?


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Hi bhe,

Many thanks for this reply - this may be helpful for further narrowing down the problem.

So I cleaned the contacts and other surfaces I could find using alcohol. Including the antenna connectors (of the coaxial cable). The problem was actually gone for one or two days after the cleaning procedure, but now it is back. I assume that there was still some alcohol left, which may have improved the connectivity.

I am close to giving up the phone, this may be an internal electronics issue that cannot be repaired. I am going to write to support if they have further diagnostics advice.


Hi rabon

Have you contatcted the support already? Did you get a useful answer?

As we seem to be quite lonely in this thread I think about annoying the support as well.


I have just received a reply from support, however this wasn’t very useful. They recommended me using a new sim card and to send a photo of the sim card contacts. I have already cleaned these and tried different sim cards.

I will reply and see what they say.


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