FP1 completely unresponsive

My FP1 randomly turned off last night. I charged it for a while and was able to turn it on but at that point it was not connecting to wifi, the clock and date were wrong. I tried to restart it to rectify this but it didn’t turn on again. No red light to indicate charging either.

This morning is vaguely flashed the screen on and even for a second showed me the charging battery image but nothing now when I tried to turn it on.

I have tried the hard reset and test mode but nothing.

Any advice?


Have a look here. It’s the little guide to Fairphones batteries.

Yeah thanks @Lidwien - doesn’t spin but also the other ideas don’t seem to work either…

Take out the battery of the phone;
Wait for half an hour and put the battery back in the phone;
Connect the Fairphone to a charger;
What colour do you get?

I think that your Fairphone has completely run out of energy.

What you are describing sounds like a broken USB connector. You could try to move your USB cable slightly into different direction to see if some of them still work for charging. In the long term you’ll need to resolder the USB connector (or have an independent repair shop do it).

More info:

It briefly flashed grey so I plugged it in and it seems to be charging so maybe what @Stefan said is right! I’ll let you know… I know a guy who can fix phones too so I’ll get him to look at the USB. Cheers

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Wait. The boy blue charging screen came on and it got to 56% but then disappeared. The red light stayed on but it never turned green. No response for that power button to turn on - the button did respond when or was charging though.

Have left the battery out for a while now to see what happens

So there seems to be still no life in the thing. Is there anything else I can try or do I need to send it to FP for a service?


Maybe your power button is defunct. I can’t tell you… :frowning:

Contact Fairphone support and ask about your options.

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