FP1 complelety dead

Hello there,

I had my Phone for 4 years or so. 2 weeks ago, this happened:
I reset Android because of software issues. Phone starts normally after factory reset, I’m happy. I install my cloud-backup-app to fill my phone with all my personal belongings and right after installation the whole phone died. When I tried to start it, the screen turned blue and stayed blue. To turn it off, I had to remove the battery. Recovery mode started, faded weirdly over the blue screen and froze whenever I picked one of the options. After a few days I found a place that repairs any kind of phone, when I was there the phone stopped responding to anything. No boot, no charging LED. Two more days later the shopowner had it checked and told me “it’s dead.” At home I checked the battery with a multi-meter, It’s healthy and fully charged.
Sooo, I have a dead phone, it is not the battery, it is not the power button or anything, purely software issues. Does anybody have an idea what happened? Can it be repared? Do you think replacing the motherboard could be a good idea? If yes, where can I find one without paying hundreds of Euros on a used Fairphone on ebay?

This was the first time ever that I used a forum. Hope it’s worth it :slight_smile:

If you can’t reach #dic:recoverymode it’s probably not a software issue, but a hardware issue. That means that your motherboard is broken.

Sound like a dead phone to me. If you get new phone, think of all the community members looking for a battery. Since it’s harder to send batteries separately, you could include your broken phone with the battery for shipping.

One battery is no problem. electropapa.com sends one battery in an air-cushioned envelope.

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