FP1 camera protection glass

Searching for a FP1 camera protection glass. Not the camera but the small rectangular glass (5 x 15 mm or so?) that is in front of the camera lens and the LED for protection.

The dog got the phone, started chewing, and the glass is cracked right in front of the camera so I can’t take a normal picture anymore. The rest still works and I am still very happy with my FP1 so it would be great if I could replace it.

No idea what this should cost, no idea what the best way of replacing this would be (whole phone, just the back, just the glass?), but I would be very grateful if someone could help me.

I am told this is part of the “FP1 Midframe”.


Living in The Netherlands, between Amsterdam and Amersfoort.

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I hope you’ll find someone who can spare the midframe from an otherwise broken FP1, but just in case that search is fruitless, the midframe is still available for moderate costs in the Fairphone shop:


Anyway, good luck with finding a used one :thumbsup: That would be the best solution.

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